Eyeliner 101

Happy Hump Day :)! Let’s talk about eye makeup, specifically eyeliner – as you can see by the title. I was a huge fan of eyeliner in high school, but lately I only use it to bring some drama into my makeup looks. However, I realize a lot of makeup beginners don’t know what eyeliner to use for different looks. So, I decided to discuss the different types of eyeliners and which I prefer depending on the looks I’m trying to achieve.

  • Gel Gel liner will always be my #1 when it comes to eyeliner. I use gel for almost everything. I find that it’s easier to use when it comes to doing a winged eye. You definitely have more control and it lasts longer than liquid. The only issue is that it’s a bit more difficult to clean up if you make a mistake.
  • Kohl I usually reach for kohl liner when I want to line my waterlines. Kohl liner comes in pencil form and it’s super easy to use. It was all I used during high school.
  • Liquid I have a severe love/hate relationship with liquid eyeliner. I haven’t mastered enough hand control to use it on the daily. However, I do use it over gel sometimes to intensify the black color. I rarely ever use it for a winged eye on its own. I use it sometimes to just do a regular straight line on my lid. However, a lot of people love liquid liner for winged eyes and cat eyes.
  • Kajal Kajal is similar to kohl liner, but it’s definitely smoother and great for sultry, smoked out, and bold looks. I reach for this when I want to smoke out my liner.

What are your favorite types of eyeliners to use?





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