Common Beauty Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

Let’s all face it, we were not born makeup experts. We didn’t magically know how to beat our faces like BeatFaceHoney. Everything in this world is a learning process, especially makeup. However, it would’ve been great if someone could’ve saved us from our makeup faux pas days. I’m going to introduce to you the most common beauty mistakes that everyone has probably made in their beauty lifetime. Hopefully, I help someone in the process :).

  1. Mismatched Foundation Never use your face as a shade reference for your foundation. Your face is usually a bit lighter than your body. Your foundation is supposed to blend to your neck aka your body. So always color match to your jawline. Otherwise, you’ll look like you have a mask. I’ve made that error plenty of times in high school.
  2. Applying bronzer everywhere When applying bronzer, you’re supposed to apply the “3” rule. Brush your bronzer on in 2 way motion on the side of your face. That means you’re hitting the temples, the hollows of the cheeks, and jawline. Don’t brush it recklessly everywhere. Trust, it won’t look good.
  3. Misuse of Ben Nye Banana Powder I don’t know what makes people think that this powder is for everyone. IT’S NOT. Ben Nye makes a variety of different powders that fit a variety of skin tones. The banana powder works amazing for olive to deep tan skin tones, but any darker or lighter than that is a no go! Try Topaz if you’re darker. Try Buff or Cameo if you’re lighter.  Wearing the wrong powder shade is not flattering at all.
  4. Applying your concealer wrong Don’t dot. Apply in an upside down triangle aka V-shape. It will give your eyes and all over brighter look.
  5. Not setting your concealer Back in high school, I had no idea this was even a thing. I will admit that haha. Now, I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t do this. You don’t want your concealer to settle in your fine lines or crease, do you? Remember to set it and forget it!
  6. Applying makeup in the wrong lighting Everyone is guilty of this! I don’t care who you are. Not everyone has magical lighting in every room in their home. For the best results, do your makeup in natural light. If you can’t, buy warm white light bulbs or a lighted makeup mirror.
  7. Pumping your mascara brush This is a HUGE no-no! You’re not getting more product that way. All you are doing is drying out the mascara and pumping bacteria in the tube.
  8. Applying lip liner only to the edges Unless you’re trying to look like a chola by the end of the day, don’t do this, Apply lip liner all over because when your lipstick fades, you’ll still have a layer underneath.
  9. Applying too much blush Blush overkill is the worst! To prevent it, use a very light hand, tap off the excess, or use a stippling brush.
  10. Skipping a base coat You always need a base coat when you polish your nails. Otherwise, the color will just chip away within a day or 2.
  11. Overwashing your hair If you have fine hair that gets oily fast, washing your hair every 2-3 days is okay. For thick, curly, or coarse-haired girls, don’t do that! There is no need and you will strip your hair of natural moisture and oils.
  12. SLEEPING IN MAKEUP Everyone has done this! It is never a good idea, drunk or not haha. You most likely will get a breakout!

Are any of you guys guilty of these? Let a girl know!



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