Bare Necessities 101: Find The RIGHT Bra Size!

Hey, dolls! Before I begin, let me throw out a disclaimer. As you can clearly see by the title, I’m going to be talking all about boobs and bras. If you are uncomfortable, don’t read it! I will tell you though that if you don’t, you may be missing out on some valuable information! The choice is yours. Anyway, if you didn’t know by now, a large percentage of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Last year, Women’s Wear Daily reported that 64% exactly are wearing the wrong size. That’s more than half! I’m here to help you fix that issue because I was wearing the wrong size once upon a time. Fortunately, those days are no longer.

Now, who has been fitted for a bra before? *raises hand* If you haven’t you probably should hit up your nearest lingerie store OR if you have some fabric measuring tape, do it yourself. To be honest, sales associates don’t always know what they’re doing. I’ve been fitted at Victoria’s Secret about 5 times and I’ve gotten a different answer almost every time. One time I was 34B, the next 34C, then 36C, then 36D (twice)! Now, your bra size can change because your body can obviously change but nothing drastic like a B cup to a D cup, unless of course you’re getting surgery. That is why I always recommend you measure yourself. Once I took my bra size into my own hands, I figured out my true bra size. How do you do that? Simple math 🙂

How To Get Your Correct Bra Size

Wear a non-padded bra

Measure your band size. That means take your measuring tape around your back and measure right above your bust, which is where your straps meet the top of your cup. Be sure to exhale before you come up with a number. If it’s an odd number, round to the nearest even number. Mine is 36.

Measure your bust. Keep the measuring tape around your back but now go to the fullest point of your bust, which is basically where your nipples are. Take a full breath again. Make sure the tape is snug, yet comfortable. Take that number down. Mine is 39.

Now subtract. (39-36=3)

The difference will be your cup size.


That’s how I came up with 36C. Next time I went to Victoria’s Secret, I told them my size and told them to make sure. I was 100% correct! That’s why I always suggest you do it yourself at least once just to make sure! Ladies, no one wants to be in uncomfortable clothes, especially an uncomfortable bra! Bras aren’t the most comfortable thing period, so why make them more uncomfortable?! Find your perfect fit ASAP!




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