Tips & Tricks: False Lashes

Hey, all! Let’s talk about lashes – false lashes. I hopped on the falsies train last fall but rapidly fell off when I decided it wasn’t worth the effort haha. I won’t front, I do realize that false lashes can enhance any makeup look. I’ll wholeheartedly admit to that. So, I recently decided to give them another shot and found out it’s not as hard and stressful as you may think. A friend of mine made me realize that when she was asking me for some tips and tricks on how to apply them. Out of nowhere I was just spittin’ knowledge! I thought to myself, “Wow. I know more about this than I think.” After our conversation, I decided to just apply one false lash to see if I had improved technique wise and voila! I put that sucker on so easily that I surprised myself! Therefore, I’m coming to you with this post and sharing said knowledge with all my dear subscribers 🙂

What You’ll Need

Lashes, obviously.

Lash glue

Lash curler


A magnifying mirror

Tweezers (optional but it you’re a beginner, USE them)

Eyeliner (optional)

Before you do anything, you’re going to want to make sure your lashes fit your eye. Sometimes lashes can be too long for your eye size. If this is the case, take some small scissors and snip the ENDS of the lashes, NEVER snip the inner parts. Once you have a perfect fit, you can decide to apply eyeliner or not. Eyeliner can hide the lash band better, but if you rather not then do you boo boo! Next, take your glue and apply a thin layer on the lash band. However, apply a bit more the corners because that’s where lashes tend to lift. DON’T APPLY YOUR LASHES IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU APPLY THE GLUE. IT WILL BE A MESS! Wait about 45-60 seconds, sometimes even longer for the glue to get tacky. When the glue is tacky, it’ll be easier and hold on better to your lash line. I would highly suggest you use a magnifying mirror when you apply falsies unless you’re a pro. However, I’m blind and I would prefer to be as precise as possible. Take your lash in you tweezer, look down into the mirror, and apply the lash AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN to your lash line. I apply the middle part first, then outer corner, then inner corner. Once your feel like your lash is secure, press your falsies and real lashes together with your finger. Do the same with the other eye next, obviously lol. Then, you’re gonna wanna apply mascara just to make the falsies blend easier. Follow that by using an eyelash curler to finish the look.

Voila! You have applied falsies….I hope.

Tips & Tricks


I highly recommend House of Lashes glue or Duo’s glue in Dark. It blends better with mascara and liner.

If you’re a beginner, you may want to start with a thinner lash band. Once you get used to applying falsies, a thicker band will be easy peasy.

Some brands I recommend are House of Lashes, Social Eyes, KoKo Lashes, Red Cherry, and Ardell.

I hope this helps!



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