Fall Hair Color Trends 2015

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Hello, darlings! I’ve spoke about fashion trends, beauty trends, but what about hair trends? Yes, there are hair colors that are trending this season! So if you want to bask in more fall trending goodness, keep reading 🙂

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  • Brunette Whether it’s multifaceted, monochrome, flat, etc dark hair is in this season. I’m super happy about this because I’m a natural brunette and I’ve recently have gained a new appreciation for dark hair. I actually plan on going black blue soon! Stay tuned.

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  • Bronde This hair color was big last summer and now it’s coming back. So if you’re not into going totally brunette but not totally blonde, here is a perfect middle ground.

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  • Icy Blonde Now if you hate brown all together, go to the other side of the spectrum completely and go for an icy blonde. When you think about it, it’s not too far from the icy grey hair everyone and their mother was rocking this year.

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  • Burnt Aubrurn More of reds type of a gal, try burnt auburn. It’s actually a great color for fall. Ever since RiRi decided to do this gorgeous color, everyone has been loving it! I’m a fan but I don’t think I can pull that off at all haha.

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  • Candy Dyed Ends Feeling really bold, hit those ends with some colorful dye. Whether it’s teal, purple, green, baby pink, etc, get creative 🙂




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