Best & Worst Dressed: The Emmys 2015

Hello, my dears! So before we go into this traditional post, let’s discuss criteria. I feel like some people don’t understand how I exactly decide who to put on the best and worst dressed list. I will say that it’s a process! First, I make a list of looks that I highly enjoyed and looks that I highly disliked. I proceed to then cut the list down to 4-5 looks each. Now, if I “like” a look it’s no going to make it on the best dressed? Liking isn’t anything special. I have to really love the look in it’s entirety, from head to toe. If the outfit is great, but the hair and shoes are off then it’s not going to make the cut. The same goes for worst dressed. I have to really not like a look at all. I can’t like anything about it. It’s not a “That’s not cute.” emotion, it’s more of a “What the hell was she thinking?” emotion. It really has to throw me off. So, now that we have a better understanding, let’s proceed 🙂

Best Dressed

Taraji P. Henson

My bae slayed the red carpet this year. Honestly, that Alexander Wang gown gave me life, as well as that angled bob. Although she didn’t win an Emmy for her role on “Empire”, but I’m so happy that Viola Davis got it. She is another amazing actress who deserved that award 100%. If one of them didn’t walk away with that Emmy, no words would describe my disappointment!

Lady Gaga (via

We all know that it’s a pretty rare occurrence to see Lady Gaga in a formal gown. I feel like I’ve only seen her do such a look 3, maybe 4 times in my life. So I was definitely taken by surprise when she wore this gown. She looks drop dead gorgeous and that old Hollywood blonde bob with a slightly modern twist is everything!

Gina Rodriguez (via

This fellow latina was a vision in sparkle. She looked so stunning from head to toe. That red clutch, although you can’t see much of it, was a perfect subtle pop of color.

Christine Marzano (via

This look stood out to me a good way because it’s unique and bit risky, yet it keeps it classy. Plus, I love indigo. I just think the look is a different kind of beautiful which is the most intriguing kind.

Christina Hendricks (via

There were plenty of stars who didn’t know how to accentuate their figures on the red carpet last night. Christina Hendricks was definitely not one of them. She killed it with that gown and those curves! So major big props to her for looking like a metallic goddess.

Padma Lakshmi (via eonline)

Okay, this look gave me the feeling you get when you touch your favorite celebrity’s hand. That is how much happiness I was harboring in my soul. This look is nothing except drop. dead. gorgeous. That is literally the only way you can describe it. The color, the fabric, the earrings, the silhouette, that bronzed skin, EVERYTHING is on point.

Worst Dressed

January Jones (via

January Jones is taking it back a few decades, but not in a good way. I personally don’t think a bright, green jumpsuit is Emmy worthy. Actually, I don’t think a bright, green jumpsuit is for any occasion but hey maybe that’s just me.

Julie Klausner (via

It looks like we had TWO bright, green jumpsuits on the red carpet last night. However, this one may be the greater of the two evils due to how unflattering it is! What was she thinking?

Kathryn Hahn (via

I have to be honest here. I really don’t know what to say about this. I’m actually speechless, but I’m sure you know how I feel about the outfit.

Kiernan Shipka (via

This outfit just makes me mad with confusion. Why would you wear pants under that and why would you wear that awful top?  She possibly could’ve salvaged the outfit if she’d gotten rid of the pants, but then again maybe not.

Heidi Klum (via

I love me some Heidi Klum, but this outfit is just plain bizarre. She’s always taking fashion risks and I undertsand that, but that sleeve is just awful.

Joanna Newsom (via

This outfit confuses me too. However, I think the only reason this look was ruined is because of that embellsihed, egg looking thing on her chest. Why? Why do that?




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