Carli Bybel Palette: Swatches & Review

Hey, loves! As I’m sure all of you know that Carli Bybel partnered with BH Cosmetics to create her own palette. It was launched September 8th at around 2:45 am EST time. It was literally insane! People were in a riot on social media complaining that they couldn’t buy the palette. The first 2 batches were sold out in less than a day! I, however, wasn’t one of those unfortunate people. I was in and out of BH Cosmetics’ website like an assassin 😉 My palette finally arrived on Tuesday and I would love to share with you the godly goodness!

Here is what it looks like on the inside. It has 10 gorgeous eyeshadow shades and 4 godly looking highlighter shades. BH Cosmetics has great quality palettes so getting swatches are super easy. The eyeshadows and highlighters are super pigmented and creamy! Enough of my ranting and raving, I know you’re dying to see the swatches so let’s go…

(first row of shadows)

The first row has mostly matte shades. The only shimmer one is the second from the left as you can see. You got a pearl, matte white, a sparkly, pearl, a muted pink with plum undertones, a muted lavender, and a dark plum.

(second row of shadows)

The next row of shadows are more metallic and as we all know metallics are in this season :D! We got a pearly, metallic color with slight peach gold undertones, a metallic, champagne color, a shimmery, deep bronze, a metallic copper, and a matte grayish brown color.

Now, moving on to the gorgeous highlighters that everyone has been talking about! These highlighter colors are similar to the eyeshadows in the palette. We got a pink champagne, a champagne color with beige undertones, a straight up gold, and a copper bronze.

Needless to say, these colors are gorgeous and the palette is perfect for fall! The best thing about it is that it’s only $12.50! Yes, all this goodness for $12.50! So make sure to get on the order list, because as you can see this palette is hella popular!

Thanks, Carli ❤



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