Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

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Hey, loves! I already spoke about what timeless fall fashion staples everyone needs in their closet. However, I never discussed what’s trending. So, let me share with you guys the most wearable fashion items that are trending this fall season.

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  • Duster coats Before I even knew these were trending this season, I had to have one. I honestly want like 3 in different colors. They’re so chic and versatile. You can dress it up or down and they are obviously warm for the cooler fall months.

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  • Fringe To me, fringe is always in, but this season STRATEGICALLY PLACED fringe is all the rave.

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  • Pantsuits I am a huge fan of women wearing men-inspired outfits. I just don’t think there’s anything more chic or sexier. I mean just look at Zoe Saldana in that photo!

(via thefashionspot.com)

  • Slip Dresses This season is taking it back to the 90s with slip dresses. However, now they have a modern twist to them that brings out a new type of femininity.

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  • Chunky Knits I mentioned before that everyone needs in their closet for the fall. However, thick, chunky knits are what you should be wearing this season. I’m a fan because anything that makes my clothes looks slouched or oversized, I’m about it, especially in the fall.

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  • Flat, Black Boots This is probably the easiest trend to partake in this fall. Everyone should have a pair of flat or low heeled, black boots. As I said in my last fall fashion post, boots are a staple in your fall wardrobe period. Black boots are just a no-brainer for fall, literally.

What trends are your favorite this season?



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