Guilty Pleasure: Fall TV Shows

Aside from being a glam enthusiast, I am a TV junkie. I was literally raised on TV and no I’m not ashamed to admit that. Of course, I got a few good rounds in of fresh air but I was still all about the tube. Fall is the season of amazing fashion, great makeup tutorials, tasty pumpkin spice foods, AND amazing TV shows. Hands down, fall is the season where all the best TV shows come back or premiere. I don’t care what anyone says. If you disagree then you’re entitled to your wrong opinion haha. With all these amazing shows coming back, I needed to give you guys my personal recommendations. Otherwise, I’d feel like I’m cheating you guys out on some quality entertainment. So here are my 7 TV guilty pleasures of the fall season.


  • Empire was that show this past winter. The ratings were insanely booming! It’s probably, scratch that, it’s definitely my favorite show right now. This show is just too real and not to mention the soundtrack is amazing haha. You’re bound to have one of the songs stuck in your head. The cast is amazing as well, so kudos to the casting director! If you haven’t heard about Empire or have never watched it then you’re missing out on life. Period. Season 2 will premiere September 23rd on FOX at 9 pm.


  • Everyone and their mother watches Scandal and if you’re not watching it then you’re making a huge mistake! If there is any show my floods my social media feed the most on Thursday nights, it’s Scandal. This show is constantly keeping viewers on their toes and the plot twists are INSANE. So if you need to catch up or start watching period, hit up Netflix ASAP or It will be returning for its fifth season on ABC, September 24th at 9 pm.


  • How to Get Away with Murder is another Thursday addiction of mine. Viola Davis is just straight BADASS in this show. Besides, how can you not be interested based on the title alone? If you’re apart of the #TGIT (Thank God it’s Thursday) movement, then you know this show is EVERYTHING. It’s returning for season 2 on September 24th as well, following Scandal at 10 pm.


  • Now, it took me a bit of time to get into this show but I love it now. If you’re into drama, super heroes, and sci-fi stuff then I think Arrow is the show for you. The show follows main character, Oliver Queen, who has returned home after being stranded on a remote island for 5 years. Although that may not sound like an insane story line, trust me it has promise! Give it a few episodes and see if you like it! Season 4 will be returning on the CW, October 7th at 8 pm.


  • American Horror Story is probably one of the best thriller shows I’ve ever seen. It will actually creep you the hell out. Thankfully, this isn’t the kind of show where you have to watch it from Season 1 because each season is a different story. I’ve only watched seasons 1, 3, and 4. However, I heard this season is a continuation of the first season, so maybe you’d like to watch like just in case you haven’t. Also, Lady GaGa is going to be in this season! That’s another reason to watch it! Season 5 will be premiering on FX, October 7th at 10 pm.


  • Now that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is gone, I’m sure every one is wondering what the hell is gonna happen to the show now. I honestly think the quality is still going to be amazing. It’s made it to 7 seasons so I’m sure Julie Plec will keep the amazingness coming! Besides, the Salvatore brothers are amazing eye-candy. If you’re into anything supernatural, start watching this! You can find the episodes on Netflix. The new season will premiere October 8 on the CW at 8 pm.


  • If you’re a fan of TVD, you’ll definitely enjoy The Originals. First off, the men on this show are godly looking. Not to mention, the plot is amazing as well. This is a great show for supernatural, drama lovers. You can find seasons 1 on Netflix but the 2nd isn’t on there. The third season will premiere October 8th on the CW at 9pm.

Those are all my guilty TV pleasures this season. Also, if you don’t have the luxury of Netflix go to It’s a great website where you can stream movies and shows for free. I haven’t gotten a virus from using the website at all but you may want to get ad blocker on your browser because pop ups are hella annoying.



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