Top 5 Moments of the 2015 VMAS

Last night was an interesting award show, to say nonetheless. Now, it didn’t give me life 10x over like last years #BeyMAs. Let’s be real, I didn’t expect it to haha. Nevertheless, there were some interesting moments and here are my top 5…


5. The Weeknd Performs “I Can’t Feel My Face”

It’s so refreshing to see Abel come out of the shadows. He’s been low-key for his whole music career and to see him perform at an award show AND with an upbeat song is insane. He killed it and I love him!


4. Pharell Performing “Freedom”

You can’t lie and say this socially conscious song wasn’t everything, especially since it was performed right after Kanye West’s speech. Not to mention, Pharell’s music is amazing and I’m convinced he’s a vampire. He doesn’t age a day.


3. Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj’s Performance

As we all know, Taylor and Nicki had a spat on Twitter. I was pretty stunned when I saw Taylor just waltz on stage when Nicki was performing! My exact words were “OH? *confused expression* They even hugged after their performance which led to the hashtag #whatbadblood?

(via micdotcom)

2. “Miley, what’s good?”

I know I wasn’t the only one who was like “Oh, shit.” when this happened. First off, let’s start with how Nicki Minaj’s voice changed like 5x during her acceptance speech hahahaha. Then ended it with that thugnificent “Miley, what’s good?” Priceless. The question is where did that come from? After the Taylor and Nicki Twitter spat, Miley decided to comment on it during an interview with The New York Times. Miley states regarding Nicki Minaj’s tweet, “What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It’s not very polite.” Oh really? She continued to say, “You [Nicki Minaj] made it about you. Not to sound like a b***h, but that’s like, “Eh, I didn’t get my V.M.A.” WOW. However, when confronted she said the media “manipulates” shit. Uh huh. Either way it was interesting to watch, LOL.

(via entertainmenttonight)

  1. Kanye West’s Acceptance Speech

You guys knew this was gonna be #1. Why? Kanye West did nothing but spit his truth. Was it long? Sure. Was it outspoken? Obviously, it’s Yeezy. But, it was honesty. If you wanted to know who Kanye really is, he showed you in that acceptance speech. It was his moment. He’s not forcing anyone to agree with him. Let him live. Then to end that speech saying he’s running for president in 2020?!?! What!? Okay then, Kanye Luther King Jr. It was just the best moment of the VMAS this year, hands down. I bet MTV regrets giving him the mic for that long, ha!



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