Best & Worst Dressed: VMAS 2015

Hay darlings! The VMAS is probably the most exciting award show of the year, well at least for me. I love music and it’s definitely more modern than most music award shows, like the Grammys. The craziest things happen – like people’s fashion choices. So as always, let’s get to winner and losers of style of the night 🙂

Winner’s Circle

Nicki Minaj (via eonline)

Let’s be real, Nicki is serving slayage on a platter. She’s a dipped in gold goddess.

Chrissy Teigen (via

Chrissy Teigen gives me outfit envy on the red carpet 90% of the time. Come on, just look at her – sleek and sexy. Rumor has it she went commando, too – shhh!

Taylor Swift (via eonline)

Some people may disagree with me but I actually liked Taylor’s outfit this year. Why? It’s a type of funky that she can pull off. Not everyone can pull that outfit off.

Britney Spears (via eonline)

Britney will always be THAT pop star and she proved it when she waltzed onto that red carpet. She’s still looking pretty damn good!

Ciara (via eonline)

YES. YES. YES. Look at all that fringe! This unique, bold, sexy outfit just oozes slayage.

Now, let’s talk about the “not so great”…

Kim Kardashian (via eonline)

Now, before we give the “But she’s pregnant.” excuse realize that there have been plenty of pregnant celebs on the red carpet. Yet, they KNOW what works for them. Clearly, Kim made some bad choices or Kanye did when picking out her outfit. It gets worse if you see it from different angles. Let’s just be real here. Her pregnancy fashion is constantly hit or miss, but frequent misses.

Miley Cyrus (eonline)

At this point, I’m not surprised. She fails to realize you can be bold and crazy without doing THAT.

Serayah (via

Her outfits may be fleekish on “Empire” but she missed the mark on the red carpet.

Amber Rose (via huffpost)

Let me be really clear. I like the goal of this outfit. She, along with Blacc Chyna, wore matching outfits with derogatory words that are thrown at women all the time to make a point. The point was to embrace the negativity because no matter what it’s gonna be there. What I hate is the style. Like, why all those clashing colors? Why not just black & white?




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