The Stash: MAC Lipsticks & Lip Pencils

Hello loves! I think it is time that I’ve told you guys that I AM A LIPSTICK JUNKIE. I have about 66 lipsticks and that includes liquid lipsticks, chubby lip pencils, lip crayons, etc. The only thing excluded are lip liners and lip glosses which I only have about 12 of those combined. So, I decided to do another “Stash” series and share with you my MAC lip collection! Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Keep in mind that this is how the shades look on MY skintone. I’m NC 44 in MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid. So, if you’re in that area of skintone then these swatches are pretty close to how the lipstick shades will look on you. If you’re far from my skintone, don’t be dependent on these swatches.

From Left to Right:

Yash (deep neutral) This is newbie that I added and it was recommended to me as a nude lip for my skintone. First time I put this on, I looked like a corpse but once I lined my lips with MAC Spice, it looked so much better!

Mehr (dirty blue pink) This is probably one of my favorite pink shades of lipstick out of my entire lipstick collection.

Verve (muted brownish plum) – I’m pretty disappointed that the camera didn’t pick up the true shade of this lipstick like the others! It actually looks the same as Paramount but it isn’t. Since I’m so committed to showing you guys accurate swatches, here’s a better one.

Stone (muted greyish taupe brown) My best friend and I both agree that we have a love/hate relationship with this shade. I think I could slay it if I did a fierce, cool toned makeup look. You definitely can’t get too crazy with color with this lipstick on.

Paramount (reddish brown) This shade will most likely be my go-to this Fall. It’s absolutely gorgeous! For a better swatch, check out the link in the Verve description.

Rebel (midtonal cream plum) Of course I would have to own one of the most well known lipstick shades at MAC. If you pair it with Nightmoth lip pencil, it looks stunning!

Pre-Raphaelite (dirty berry) – This shade is no longer sold but it’s a nice color with a metallic finish. I admit I don’t pick it up often since I’m not much of a “metallic finish” girl but when I do, I enjoy it.

Diva (intense reddish burgundy) – This was the first MAC lipstick I ever purchased and it will always be my top red lipstick, especially for the Fall.

Sin (deep dark blue red) – This shade is very vampy and very matte! To make it even more vampy, pair it with Nightmoth lip pencil.

Endless Drama (deep berry red) – This shade is discontinued and was a part of the Prolongwear Lipcreme collection. It has a very soft frosted finish and it’s SUPER creamy.

Moving on to lip liners…

Top to Bottom:

Chicory (soft muted peachy-brown) – Girl, this shade was my holy grail. I would wear it alone practically all the time. It’s the shortest of my lip pencils because I was literally constantly using it. The shade looks gorg on my skintone!

Spice (pink cinnamon stick) – I’ve worn spice alone a few times but when you pair it with nude lipsticks, It works phenomenally.

Plum (potent reddened plum) – My goal was to wear this alone but I HATE the way it looks on my lips alone. So, I use it with lighter toned pinks. If you’re a fan of light, purple toned lipsticks, I would recommend using this liner.

Nightmoth (blackened plum) – This lip pencil is my go-to to make any lip color more dark! It goes perfect with Sin and Rebel.

Well, there you have it! I hope this helped you gain some insight on what shades you might like to buy next 🙂




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