Super Affordable Matte Lipsticks

Hello darlings! Let’s just jump right in…

Matte lips are the trend right now. Everyone and their mother is launching a new matte lipstick collection, specifically liquid matte lipsticks. Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lime Crime, Dose of Colors, etc are pretty well known for their liquid matte lipsticks. But, I’m on a budget so I don’t have $20-$25 to be dropping every time I want to get a new shade of a matte lipstick! So, I went hunting and  fellow lipstick junkie, Raye (itsmyrayeraye), from Youtube had a few videos up pertaining to affordable matte lipsticks.  like me. I came across one of her videos where she discusses Ruby Kisses lipstick. These lipsticks are $2.99! Yes, $2.99 honey. They’re super pigmented and there are plenty of bold colors available. I snagged 5 colors and here they are.

Left to Right: Capri Orange, Red Mangrove, Electric Coral, Sugar Pink, Plum Wine

I ordered these babies online and paid about $24 dollars total including shipping. I honestly have to say I really enjoy them and the colors I chose. I will say they can get a bit drying throughout the day, but if you apply a great lip balm before applying you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Color payoff is magnificent. Longevity isn’t too shabby either. If you’re on a budget like moi but need new lipsticks in your life, I’d definitely check Ruby Kisses out. Plum Wine and Electric Coral have to be my ultimate faves so far.

Check out Raye’s swatch video and see some other colors that you may like:



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