Let’s Talk: SHOES!

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 Hey beauties. I haven’t done a fashion specific post in a while so I figure it’s about that time. I wanted to talk shoes because shoes are a big deal. I’ll admit that I’ve gotten really lazy with my shoe choices because I haven’t been out for fun in a while. I’m usually at work and it’s best to wear sneakers or boots there. My internship gives me room to be creative with my footwear but I rarely do because once again, I’ve gotten caught up with the whole “sneakers everyday” mentality but those days are over. No more wearing the average flats or sandals. It’s about time I got my juice back and I wanted to share with you guys my favorite places to indulge in shoes!

Shoemint – The price range is on the more expensive size and you do need to create an account (for free). There used to be a monthly membership fee but that’s gone!  I really enjoy their selection of shoes. I found my most comfortable pair of heels there and luckily they were on sale at the time. Once you make an account, they get to know your style and create a showroom for you where they suggest the best shoes for your style. I wouldn’t say they’re my absolute #1 spot but if you’re a member, you can get so many deals.

JustFab – Who doesn’t know about JustFab?  Who doesn’t want 2 pairs of shoes for $39.95? This site also provides you with a style profile. However, you do need to pay monthly for membership if you’re consistently getting shoes. But, they also give you the option to skip the month and you won’t be charged if you’re not buying anything. It’s pretty much the same as ShoeMint just a bit cheaper when it comes to a pair of shoes and there’s a monthly fee.

Lola Shoetique – Let me tell you that I AM OBSESSED with Lola Shoetique. I actually discovered it by Instagram stalking beauty vloggers and people like Amrezy, Amanda Ensing, Carli Bybel, etc. I finally checked it out and I love them. They have a wide price range from $20-100, so you’re bound to find a pair you really like. No membership needed! All you need to do is shop and enjoy your new pair(s) of shoes.

Charlotte Russe – The best place for when you’re on a budget and need to be about that BOGO life. During my college life, almost all my shoes were from Charlotte Russe. I needed to look good on a budget and this was the place for me! They offer some cute styles and there’s literally always some type of deal on shoes there.

Some other great places for shoes are Forever 21 and H&M. They’re pretty affordable and if you like to hunt down a nice, affordable, comfortable pair – I’d definitely check those out!



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