Hit or Miss: Rosebud Salve

Hey dolls! A product review is long overdue so let’s get straight to it. Lately, I’ve been seeing that my usual lip balms (Baby Lips and EOS) haven’t been doing the best they can on my pout. My lips would get dry often and I was tired of exfoliating them all the time. So, I researched and came across this lip balm. Yes, I know this lip balm have been out forever and tons of people like it but I’m just finding out about it haha.

The moment I used this it was amazing! It’s sheer heaven in a can. I put it on before I go to bed and before I do my full face of makeup and it’s perfect. My lips rarely ever need to be exfoliated. I probably exfoliate my lips once every 2 weeks. Before, I was needing to exfoliate like 2x a week and no one wants to exfoliate their lips that often! The great thing about it to is you can use it on other areas of the skin like elbows, knees, hands, etc. Beyonce says she used it on her lashes to make them shine. It’s a pretty versatile product and I love it. Plus, it’s rose scented – who doesn’t like roses? You can pick it up for about $6 in tin or tube form. I think everyone needs this HIT in their life! Everyone.



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