Best & Worst Dressed: BET Awards 2015

Hey lovelies! I know I’ve been missing quite a few award shows. The only real excuse out there is that work and interning has taken over my life! I promised myself I was gonna do a fashion post for the BET Awards & here it is. However, it’s gonna be shorter than most because there weren’t many outfits that stood out to me in either way.

Best Dressed

Rihanna (via

The color. The shoes. The hair. I LOVES EVERYTHING. PERIOD. Bad Gyal RiRi can do no wrong ❤

Jenelle Monae (via 

There isn’t much to say because this FLAWLESS look is self-explanatory.

Ciara (via

At first, I didn’t know how I felt about the front slit. Then after looking at it more in different angles, I really like it. It’s sexy sleek.

Gabrielle Union (via

Complete SLAYAGE! If you disagree, you are BLIND.

Worst Dressed

Nicki Minaj (via

I love me some Nicki but I was so disappointed. I don’t like this on her at all. That zipped front lace outfit is killing me!

Christina Milian (via

What bothers me here is that it looks CHEAP! She knows she can do better.

Kelly Rowland (via

I sort of understand what she was attempting but this outfit overwhelms her. It’s not letting her shine.



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