‘Degrassi’ ENDING this Summer

(via eonline)

It came to my attention yesterday that my all time favorite show as a teen is ending after 14 SEASONS. I can honestly say I’m not sad about it. Why? Because I thought it should’ve ended a long time ago. By a long time ago, I mean when Manny, Emma, Liberty, etc graduated and moved on to greater pastures. So, season wise that would be after Season 9. I won’t lie though, I have seen every season just to see if any of the episodes would be just as good as the ones with the original cast. Some were, some were just too typical. The fact that it was cancelled should just tell you that the quality was deteriorating. Then again maybe my views changed due to growing up. However, this show without a doubt taught me SO MUCH! I learned about so many different issues and I’m grateful for that.

‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ has had a good run and I will always remember the epic moments of the show, like when Jimmy was shot, Manny got pregnant, J.T. was killed, Paige stood up to her rapist, Dean, etc.. It was a great show but when quality is running low it’s about time to pull the switch. I know a lot of today’s teens are heartbroken about the news but if they would’ve known the Degrassi from 2001, they would get it.

Anyway, farewell Degrassi: The Next Generation! It’s been an interesting ride.

Be sure to tune in to the last episodes from July 20-July 31st!



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