Best & Worst Dressed: Met Gala 2015

I know it’s a bit late in the day but better late than never. This blog was in need of a red carpet fashion post so here it is. Last night’s Met Gala was themed China: Through the Looking Glass. Just a disclaimer, I didn’t like much of the fashion at the Met Gala this year. I was left unimpressed and disappointed. So, let’s just start…

Best Dressed

Siena Miller (via

This outfit doesn’t make me say “Oh my God!”, “Stunning.”, “Gorgeous”, etc but it does leave me saying “Unique” in a good way. Plus, I see the Chinese theme.

Beyonce (via

I love me some Queen Bey. Although I think she looks gorgeous in this outfit, I expected more. Mesh with jewels isn’t going to “wow” me, especially when it’s Beyonce! But she did look gorgeous last night. So needless to say, she’s one of the best dressed. I do hate that hair though!

Rihanna (via mtv,com)

Rihanna pulled this off seamlessly! Why? This outfit is “out there” to the point where I don’t understand it but I love it. Again though, I’m not a fan of the hair.

Lizzy Caplan (via

I absolutely love everything about this! Everything.

Keri Russell (via

I love the color and I love that the dress looks scaly. It gives me the dangerous mermaid/bird hybrid vibe. It’s gorgeous.

Worst Dressed

Let me start off by saying, I couldn’t narrow this down to 6 or less so I’m just gonna group them. Here we go…


Solange – What? It IS unique but just too confusing.

Chloe Sevigny – Good try at trying to emulate the theme but it’s not good.

Elizabeth Banks – It’s the red carpet. It’s the MET GALA. It’s themed. Get with it. That dress is beyond basic.

Irina Shayk – It reminds me of something a 90s girl would wear to prom.

 Anne Hathaway – Basic and I know she can do better.

Katy Perry – Team too much.

Kim K – That gown does nothing for her but makes her shoulders look to wide. When I look at it, I think “armor”.

Chloe Grace Moretz – Again, can we at least try. That dress is not cute nor close to the theme.


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