Fashion Hacks for Your Everyday Mishaps

Hey loves! I know a fashion post is long overdue for le blog so here it is! I always talk about beauty hacks here but what about fashion hacks? Let’s face it, wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time. The worst part is they sometimes happen at the worst times such as before a big interview, a big meeting, a first date, etc. Now you may be thinking that Tide pens heal all, but you’re wrong! A tide pen won’t do very much with a deoderant stain or an infamous oil stain.

So, I thought it would be great to share with you guys an infographic on how to save your clothes when a mishap occurs. Paul Fredrick , a men’s online fashion brand known for their custom dress shirts has collaborated with celebrity stylist Corey Roche to create this infographic. 

Corey knows the deal because he is a pro at fashion emergency hacks. He even styles the lovely women on the daytime talk show, The Real. Those women look impeccable but I’m sure they’ve had their fair share of mishaps. It’s the entertainment world people! My personal favorites hacks are: using hairspray or rubbing alcohol on an ink stain, using baby powder to remove oil stains, and using a white sock to rub away deoderant stains. I’ve used these tips plenty and they haven’t failed me. I know some of you may be like “I don’t carry hairspray with me.” Well maybe it’s time you carry a travel sized bottle haha. A girl with thick, curly hair like me always has hairspray in her purse. 🙂 Baby powder has multiple uses. Not only can you use it for an oil stain, you can also use it for an oily scalp.

I hope these hacks helped!



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