J.Lo Pays Tribute to Selena at the Billboard 2015 Latino Awards

Last night, Jennifer Lopez paid tribute to Selena at the Billboard Latino Awards. Before I get into it, let me just say that NO ONE can duplicate Selena or her voice. Her voice is very unique and I cringe when someone tries to sing like her. It just ruins it for me. No T, no shade towards because I do love J.Lo. However, it’s the thought that counts….

This tribute brought a tear to my eye not because the singing was amazing (it wasn’t) but because the way it was done. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen J.Lo pay tribute to Selena plenty of times during her live performances. Those performances were cool but this one exceeded those…why? Because this time J.Lo performed with Selena’s band, which included her husband, Chris, and siblings, Suzette and A.B. This tribute was way more touching and way more personal than any of her other tributes.

Personally, I’m glad that J.Lo has never forgotten the reason why she got into music. She’s stated in plenty interviews that her role of playing Selena made her fall in love with musical performing AND was the reason her career set off the way it did. I’m glad she’s humble enough to consistently pay homage to Selena, even 20 years after her death. While Jennifer Lopez will never replace Selena, she did a great job capturing her essence and that outfit – YASSSS. That outfit she rocked is Selena to the T. I’m sure she did Selena and her family proud.

Great job J.Lo ❤

(via latimes.com)



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