Face Mapping: Acne & Your Health

Hello dolls. Let’s talk about the dreaded acne topic. Not the old run of the mill topics like: How do I get rid of acne? Why do I have acne? What products are best for acne? How often should I exfoliate? Blah, blah, blah. No, today let’s get deeper than that. I want to talk about acne and what you acne is telling you about your overall health.

For those of you who didn’t know, your face is a symbol of your overall health. If something isn’t right, you face is bound to show it. Your acne is telling you something! Although western medical practitioners don’t believe in this, a lot of eastern medical practitioners swear by it. Face mapping is basically linking certain areas of your acne breakouts to your internal organs. It’s traced back to traditional Chinese medicine.

I’m a firm believer that acne is usually caused from within, not just external causes such as: makeup, dirt, etc. So, I decided to share with you a face mapping guide to help you figure out what’s causing your acne.

Area 1 (upper forehead): Linked to the bladder and digestive system. It could signify poor digestive health

Area 2 (lower forehead): Linked to bladder & digestive system. This could mean irregular sleep, stress, bad blood circulation or depression

Area 3 (middle of the brows): Linked to the liver. Stop drinking so much, you lush! Haha, no but seriously this could mean you have too much alcohol in your system or too much fat.

Area 4 (around the eyes): Linked to the kidneys. This likely means dehydration.

Area 5 (the nose): Linked to the heart. It can mean stress or blood pressure problems.

Area 6 (cheeks): Linked to the respiratory system. Smoking much? Allergies? Lung problems? These can play a part.

Area 7 (sides of chin): LINKED TO HORMONES! This is the beast of my acne. I only break out on my chin and it’s almost always because of Aunt Flo or a change in my hormones. Hormonal imbalances and stress can cause this area to flare up.

Area 8 (lower chin): Linked to the stomach. This can also be a sign of digestive issues.

Next time you have a breakout, take a look in the mirror and check out where it’s happening. Maybe your acne is telling you more than “Stop sleeping with your makeup on!” 🙂



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