Book Review: The Silent Girls


It is currently 4:25 am but I just had to get my thoughts out on the book while they’re fresh. Side note – I do plan to do more book reviews on the blog but I just got to get my reading game up. Anyway, back to this book…

I started reading this book during late February. I had read another book right after Gone Girl, which I also highly enjoyed but I just never got around to reviewing it.  Now, I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sold when I first started reading this book. I only read like 3 chapters when I first read it. I purchased it because it was a New York Times Bestseller and it’s suspense novel – my favorite. The problem was it wasn’t reeling me in as I had hoped. However last week, I started reading it again and now I’m finished! So it took me about a little over 2 weeks to finish this book entirely. The book is only 332 pages but seeing as I wasn’t really feeling it in the first place, I was shocked to find that I read that consistently.

Let me tell you, this book is twisted. The best word to describe it is twisted. After reading about a quarter the book, things start to slowly set off. When you’re halfway in the book, YOU WILL NOT PUT IT DOWN. I’ve been reading this book since 3pm yesterday (while taking breaks, of course). So technically, I finished half the book in 13 hours. Intense? I know. So here’s the basic plot….

Frank Rath, a former detective turned private investigator, is living in the rural community of Canaan, VT. He has a daughter, Rachel, who recently just started college and is living on campus. He becomes involved with this case involving the disappearance of a beautiful young teen. During this investigation, he is exposed to the dark, evil, twisted parts of the human soul, which causes him to face his dark and violent past.

There are some moral issues in this book. So, just be aware of that if you’re not into reading about morally complex issues. Also, this book may leave you craving for a sequel. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may also get slightly confused because so many different things begin to happen, but at the end things will all unfold in the most unexpected way. It’s definitely not your typical murder mystery. Every time I thought I knew the culprit, I was wrong! That almost never happens to me because I’ve read so many novels like these. Eric Rickstad did an impeccable job. If you’re a fan of suspense, drama, thrill, etc – pick this book up! It’s a gem for only $2.99.



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