Teen Mom OG Premiere

(via realitytea.com)

Hey all. I’m sure if you’ve been subscribed to me for a while, you already know that reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Teen Mom was one of my first reality TV addictions and now the original gangstas of the show are back! MTV’s Teen Mom OG is a new series that follows the cast of the first season of Teen Mom – Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Farrah.

The first episode premiered last night. If you want to check it out, go to MTV.com and catch up. However, if you want to hear my opinions instead, keep reading! Let’s break it down mom by mom.

Maci: She will forever be my favorite mom of the show. As always, she is the most responsible with basically the least drama. As I’m sure all of you know, she is currently pregnant with a baby girl. She plans to name her Jayde Carter. I didn’t get all that info from the show though, just persona research haha. During the show, we meet her new boyfriend Taylor. He seems way better than Kyle and Ryan. We also get a brief look at Ryan’s new girlfriend, Shelby. Ryan is the same old jerk he’s always been and he always tends to have girlfriends who don’t seem to mind their business when it comes to Maci and Ryan’s parenting. There’s not too much drama on her end. It’s just the same old constant bickering with Ryan but Maci always remains mature and calm.

Amber: I’m glad Amber is finally getting her shi*t together and becoming a better mom to Leah. She definitely needs to get over Gary though. He’s no good for her. He’s a good dad and he did step up while Amber was in prison but I’m done with him. Amber needs to just focus on being a great parent to Leah and stop letting Gary and his new relationship get to her. There isn’t much drama here either (yet) but you can tell Amber holds in some deep resentment towards Gary. I understand she feels abandoned. The way she speaks to him at times says it all. Hopefully they can continue to co-parent peacefully and Amber can move forward.

Catelynn: First let’s start off with a congrats to Catelynn and Tyler who welcomed their daughter Novalee Reign this past January. However, in the first episode, they are just finding out they are pregnant. Yes, it was a planned pregnancy. I personally don’t find a problem with it. During the show, they seem to be getting a lot of hate about it. Some people say they should get married first and some don’t think they should even have a child at all. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with having a baby after putting your first child up for adoption. It may be a controversial issue but if they weren’t ready at 16 then they just weren’t. They’re 23 and ready now – let them live! There is virtually no drama with them either, so far. Don’t get comfortable yet because I’m sure drama is going to broil when it comes to Catelynn and Tyler wanting to be closer to their firstborn, Carly.

Farrah: Oh man, Farrah Abraham. We all know she has issues. She has issues all across the board. She technically wasn’t even supposed to be on the show and she still isn’t. She wasn’t in the first episode as a cast member but she will be making a return soon enough. Needless to say, the rest of moms aren’t happy about it. However, the show included a clip of the Couples Therapy reunion show in which Catelynn, Tyler, and Farrah were all present. Catelynn and Farrah seem to have a feud going on due to the fact that Farrah was talking a bunch of crap about Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship. Of course the couple fired back by saying Farrah is a porn star. In true fashion, Farrah played victim and stated that she got into the sex industry so her daughter never has to. -_-SPARE ME!!! Farrah is full of crap. From the beginning, her family has done nothing but support her AND her child. So don’t tell us you were struggling to make ends meet. Her family is very well off! The reason she did what she did is because she craves attention, enough said. It’s really sad because she had the potential to do great and I used to like her. After she made these terrible choices over and over again, I got over her.



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