Hit or Miss: Physician’s Formula Eye Booster™ Instant Lash Extension Kit

It’s about that time for a product review again! Let’s get straight to it. At my last internship, I was able to snag a sample of this Physician’s Formula Lash Extension Kit. You can get it at the drugstore for $14.95. Yes, it may seem pricy for drugstore but PF is more “high end drugstore”. So that’s that! Anyway, you guys all know or SHOULD know that I’m all about lips and lashes. Those are my main obsessions when it comes to my makeup. I’ve actually gotten into a bad habit of picking at my lashes. DON’T DO THAT – HAHA! I don’t know why I do it! But I digress…back to the review!

This description on this product says “Experience a total lash transformation! 100% saw the most dramatic lash effect ever experienced with a mascara. 100% saw thicker, fuller, longer, more dramatic looking lashes after 3 weeks. 24 hour wear. Brush on lash extensions in 2 minutes.” Sounds good and dandy, right? However, I’m not a fan of this lash extension kit. Why? I used it for about 2 weeks and didn’t notice ANY difference. It says use up to 3 weeks to notice a FULL lash transformation but if I didn’t see any difference in 2 weeks then I doubt much will change using it for 7 more days. Also, the fibers get all over my face when I apply them. I have like all these black fibers on my face after I applied a FULL FACE OF MAKEUP. Sure that may not be the worse thing but it IS annoying. Also, I was told you can layer this product as in mascara, fibers, mascara, AND fibers again, then mascara again – yada yada yada. But, it doesn’t do much AT ALL. I love to layer and build up my mascara since I rarely ever put on falsies. I can’t do that as easily with this kit which is bummer because I had some high expectations. Needless to say this is a MISS in my book. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t notice any difference nor benefits. I would prefer falsies or just applying 5 different mascaras.



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