Spring 2015 Wearable Fashion Trends

It’s slowly starting to feel like Spring in NYC! We’ve had a snow filled winter that I’m sure most of us thought would never end. Now that winter is coming to an end, it’s time to talk Spring fashion! Let’s talk about the most wearable Spring fashion trends of 2015.

Yellow (via beautifullyfierce.blogspot.com)

I know plenty of people are hesitant about wearing bright colors, myself included. I’m more of an earth toned babe. However, there is a shade of yellow for EVERYONE. Whether it’s lemon, marigold, canary, banana, etc… there is a yellow out there for you. So don’t knock it until you try it! I’m officially in search of an outfit with a perfect yellow shade that compliments my skin tone!

Gingham (via stylebistro.com)

I absolutely love gingham – almost as much as I love plaid! It’s safe to say I have plenty of gingham pieces in my closet but I do need more. It gives me that retro vibe and we all know I’m a fan of anything vintage and retro! I’m a huge fan of Oscar De La Renta’s and Diane Von Furstenberg’s gingham pieces this season.

Kimono Trench Coats (via pinterest)

I’ve actually been getting into the whole trench coat thing due to beauty guru, Carli Bybel. She’s a complete fashionista and I can see why – she’s always on trend! I’ll definitely be investing in a trench coat, or two, this Spring.

Black & White (via glamour)

 Of course this isn’t groundbreaking. It’s a classic combo. What makes it special are the patterns, styles, textures, etc.

Blue and White (via glamour)

To be honest, I’ve been more into blue and white than black and white! I know it’s surprising because I LOVE black. But there is something that I enjoy about paring dark blue shades and white together. If you’re bored of black and white and want to make a statement without going too bright, try blue and white.

One Shoulder Cut (via holy-chic.net)

I’m not much of a shoulder baring girl, but I’m interested in trying this! Supposedly, your shoulders have become the sexiest part of your body this season.

Polo Style Shirts (via benotedonline.com)

I’m not even going to lie. I HATE this trend. Although, I did include it in this post because I do think it’s wearable. I wouldn’t indulge in this trend though. I grown out of the polo style in high school and I’m not going back.

There are definitely more wearable trends this season. I just so happened to mention the ones that I think I would see the most of ! Which trends will you be partaking in this season?



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