DIY: Body Sugaring

Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do a DIY post for a while and I’ve finally got around to it. Let’s talk body sugaring! First off, what is body sugaring? Body sugaring is the process of using sugar to wax your body instead of hard wax. What’s the difference between sugar wax and hard wax, you may ask?…

For starters, sugaring is LESS painful than traditional waxing. When you use hard wax, you are not only ripping the hair from the root but you are ALSO tearing off the first layer of skin – ouch. However, with body sugaring, you’re only removing the hair. Also, sugar wax is water soluble, which means easier clean up. Sugar wax is also used at room temperature, unlike hard wax which needs to be heated and can burn you. Plus, when you use sugar wax, you’re also exfoliating your skin! Sugar wax is ALL NATURAL, BABY!

I got into body sugaring after receiving a Brazilian sugar wax. It was definitely less painful and for some reason I felt like it was quicker than using hard wax. The woman didn’t use strips on me. She just used a glob of sugar wax repeatedly. The price difference between hard wax and sugar wax are minutia. I find that sugaring is like $2-3 bucks more than traditional waxing. I’m not surprised since it has more benefits. Since my experience, I was fascinated and wanted to try waxing my legs on my own at home! Here’s how it went…

Sugar Wax Ingredients

1 cup of granulated sugar (white or brown works)

1/4 cup of lemon juice

1/4 cup of water

You’re gonna mix all these ingredients in a pot on medium high heat – stirring occasionally.


As the sugar begins to melt, the mixture is going to look frothy like this…


Keep stirring occasionally. Eventually, the mixture will become darker in color like so…


Once it reaches this caramel color, take it off the heat and transfer it to a heat resistant bowl or jar. I left my mixture on the stove for about 12-15 minutes. It all depends on your stove.



Once you transfer it, let it cool. It took about 20 minutes for mine to cool. Afterwards, I poured some of the wax into a bowl and proceeded to made a little glob with it.


I found that this glob was a bit too dry. It needed to be stickier so I put the wax in the microwave for 20 seconds. After that, it was the perfect consistency. Again, please be careful because it is hot. You want to wet your hands so the wax doesn’t stick to your fingers. Now, moving forward to the waxing procedure…

Things To Keep In Mind

Don’t wax the same area more than 3-4 times. You can cause bruising, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Make sure to shower before you do this. Not right before you do it though!

Make sure the waxed area is dry! It will not work if the area is wet!

Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth but pull it off in the opposite direction.

You can continue to use the same wax glob, until it loses it’s elasticity.

After you are done waxing, apply toner or lotion onto your skin. But, be sure to remove any residue beforehand.

To store the wax, just pop it in the fridge. When you want to use it again, just heat it up in the microwave in intervals.

My final thoughts on my DIY experience are that while it did work, I would prefer a professional to do it. Why? Because not only is it time consuming when you’re a newbie but it can get really messy. Not for nothing, I’m hairy – Hispanic women problems. So, I would prefer someone who is a master at it and can knock it out quick. What I can say is that I’ll never go back to shaving. Shaving gives you dark spots, ugly bumps, and lasts a day. Waxing is where it’s at – ahem, I mean BODY SUGARING. I was actually pretty satisfied with my DIY leg sugaring. My legs are incredibly smooth with no irritation whatsoever. If I didn’t have the funds to go back to get it done professionally, I would definitely do it again on my own. It’s an incredibly easy recipe and the benefits are amazing!

 Here are 2 YouTube videos that helped me with my DIY.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave em’ in the comments below.



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