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Hello darlings! No Hit or Miss post today but next Monday I’ll be back at it! Today we’re going to talk about Lime Crime and their issues. I’ve been asked by quite a few of my followers and friends if I was gonna talk about it and here I am. Let’s get right to it.

Let me start with this….I only have ONE Lime Crime product. That product is the Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem. I will NOT be trashing that product, despite what I’m about to say about my stance on Lime Crime. For those of you who don’t know, Lime Crime has had a reputation for being scandalous for quite a while. Xenia Vorotova, aka Doe Deere, is an infamous name in the beauty community due to all the controversies that have come to light. Some of these scandals include: repacking TKB products and selling them as Lime Crime products, threatening bloggers online, and most recently…credit card fraud. When I first heard about Lime Crime, I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t care much for any of their products. Also, I didn’t know much about its infamous background. But, from this moment going forward, I have to say I will NO LONGER SUPPORT LIME CRIME in any way, shape, or form. Let me tell you why…

Before I bought my one and only product from the company, I was only aware of Xenia threatening a blogger. I didn’t know the reason or why it came about or whatever. To be frank, I didn’t really care because like I said I was never planning to buy anything from Lime Crime. During the Fall, I bought my Salem Velvetine and that was that. About 2 weeks ago, my good friend had told me that they had been involved in some credit card scam. Thankfully, I hadn’t bought anything from them since September. But, I continued to do research on the issue because credit card fraud affects customers – NOT JUST ONE COMPANY OR A BLOGGER. Once customers are being messed with, there is a HUGE ISSUE. Not only was Lime Crime hacked, but they were hacked for 4 MONTHS! So since October, they have had hackers. But, they supposedly didn’t know until February 11. Credit card frauds happen. Sh*t happens. I completely get it. However, they don’t take the blame for anything! They have a “we didn’t do anything” attitude. That’s simply not okay. Doe Deere has allegedly even blocked people and called people “assholes” for confronting her about the issue.

Doe Deere is just full of crap. Even vloggers have decided to not support the brand like Samantha from Batalash Beauty and MannyMua733. I’m not here to make you believe something that’s not true. Feel free to do your own research! You’ll see what I’m talking about. The best website to check out Lime Crime’s corruption would be @limecrimeliar on Instagram.



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