Hit or Miss: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

(via sephora.com)

Hey darlings! I have been dying to review this foundation but I kept putting it off just to make sure all my opinions were final. So here we go…

So many beauty gurus have been talking about this foundation for a while. I was so anxious to get my hands on it and as usual, I took a sample first. My shade is 5W1 (Bronze) which is a smidge darker than my MAC shade NC44 but it’s what fits me best. This foundation claims to last 15 hours long and have natural coverage. It’s also oil free and lightweight.

Before I even say what I think, let me make clear that my skin type is combination during winter. My nose and chin get oily but the rest of the face is normal. During winter months, my makeup rubs off my nose and chin but stays on everywhere else – annoying, I know. The biggest problem is makeup transfer! I can use any primer and powder under the sun but I will still have makeup transfer to deal with. I’ve been on the never ending search of transfer free makeup. Some transfer more than others, obviously, but I want something that virtually doesn’t transfer at all!

Now that we have the background info done, let’s get back to my opinion. I ADORE THIS FOUNDATION. The coverage is medium to full and very buildable.  I get oily in my T-zone about 5 hours after makeup application and that’s when the makeup transfer gates open. However, this magic in a bottle BARELY transfers. I mean BARELY. When I dabbed my nose and chin, I barely saw any foundation. When I got home, this foundation is still on… 10 hours later! It’s serious magic. I recommend it to anyone who has oily or combo skin! A HIT in the foundation books! You can pick it up at Sephora for $37.



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