Nail Must Haves

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Hey darlings! One beauty topic that I don’t touch upon very often are nails. To be honest, I never grew up being a nail polish girl. I would paint them once in a blue moon or put on some acrylics but nothing insane. I was never a fan of my natural nails because they were always breaking and the nail color would ALWAYS chip! I’d had it. But then while in college, one of my girlfriends had impeccable nails and she told me she’d do her own gel manicure at home. I got hooked quickly after I got the Red Carpet Manicure set Christmas 2013 – check out the review here. Ever since then, I’ve been nail obsessed. So, let me share with you my must have products for those pretty little fingers!

Rejuvacote has changed my nails immensely! I wrote a review on it a while ago but I don’t mind repeating myself a bit. I use this as a base coat when I’m NOT doing gel polish. This basically is the “the nail doctor”. It strengthens your nails even if they look beyond help. I recommend this for women who’s nails are split, weak, bending, transparent, brittle, etc. You’ll notice a difference in a week or two. You can buy it on for $14.

When I’m bare nailed, as in I’m too lazy to paint them, I apply a few drops of this Duri’s Herbatherapy on my nails. This baby right here is infused with natural herbs and oils that help soften and nourish the cuticles and nail bed. It does smell like oregano though haha. I don’t mind the smell much though. The only reason I don’t apply this with nail polish is on is because oil and nail polish don’t mix. Your polish won’t last long when mixed with oil. Get it for $10 at

As far as polishes, I LOVE O.P.I. They are definitely my #1. Essie is my #2. I find that these two brands have the most variety. I enjoy O.P.I more because of the bigger brush and the coats come out more even. Essie’s variety is phenomenal AND I love their gel collection. If you’re trying to buy gel polish, I’d go straight to Sally Hansen or Red Carpet Manicure. You can’t really buy Essie gel polish.

My absolute favorite top coat is Duri’s Express Topcoat. This dries so fast, so glossy, and it hardens your nails too. Get it for $8 at

Let me say that this is the best nail polish remover of life! Onyx Professional Soak Off Coconut Scent Gel & Shellac Nail Polish Remover is heaven sent. It removes EVERYTHING – acrylics, gel polish, regular nail polish, glue, etc. It also smells like coconut. If you hate the smell of acetone, get this baby. I got a big bottle for $8 at the beauty supply store.



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