Hit or Miss: Mehron Cheek 8-Color Blush Palette

Hey darlings! I’m keeping it consistent with Hit or Miss Monday! Let’s talk blush!

To be honest, I’m not a blush addict. I much prefer bronzer but I feel like some looks look better with blush on. However, I feel like this palette is worth mentioning. Mehron is a beauty company that not only sells regular products, but also theatre and special fx makeup. My past beauty internship actually represented them so that’s how I discovered them.

Now let’s talk about this palette. It has 8 basic shades and by basic I mean like a pink, peach, brown, and red – along with a slight variation. I think having a blush palette is just easier than picking from like 100 single shades of blush. I just get overwhelmed! So, I’m glad this palette has the basic shades covered. Now, as far as quality, these blushes are SUUUUPERRRR pigmented. A little goes a long way. It’s no joke! If you’re heavy handed with makeup be super careful cause you’ll be blending for a while. They are also matte. My personal favorite shades are TropiCoral, Mocha, Just Peachy, and Mojave. That comes to no surprise since I’m a fan of bronzer haha. I haven’t dared to try Bold Red yet but I plan to. I honestly love this palette and I don’t even think I need to buy any blush since I have this baby. Don’t get me wrong, I have 6 blushes from my e.l.f makeup collection but those are shimmer blushes. I find myself reaching for this palette more often. It’s definitely a HIT. It is a tad pricy though. You can get it for $43.95 on mehron.com. I definitely recommend this to anyone who just needs the basic necessities of blush covered!



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