Best & Worst Dressed: The Grammys 2015

The red carpet at the Grammys had plenty of hits and misses. Let’s just get right to it…

Best Dressed

Beyonce (via

Queen Bey slays the red carpet 90% of the time. I think the last time i HATED her outfit was at the Met Gala in 2013.

Nicki Minaj (via

This gown….I’m here for it. Nicki gave me the ultimate life last night with this look. Everything is on point! The hair, the makeup, the accessories, EVERYTHING!

Gwen Stefani (via

Gwen Stefani is another one drinking from the fountain of youth! This outfit suits her personality perfectly!

Taylor Swift (via

Taylor Swift may not be my fave but this gown is beautiful, especially the color. I like that she paired it with fuschia shoes.

Rocsi Diaz (via

Rocsi Diaz was just glistening and giving us body on the red carpet. LOVE IT!

Katy Perry (via

Stunning! This mid-length dress is STUNNING! I’m glad she decided short hair for this look cause I don’t think long hair would mesh just as nicely.

Worst Dressed

Iggy Azalea (

I hate the bottom of this dress AND what the hell is up with that hair? She reminds me of a German milkmaid. Braids can look gorgeous but that hairstyle was a flop!

Carlie XCX (via


Madonna (via

Madonna is always one to make a statement but this is more of a costume. I wouldn’t mind if she wore this while performing but not on the red carpet.

Rihanna (via

I LOVE Bad Gyal Ri Ri! She has never been on my worst dressed list but this gown killed me. I don’t have a problem that she wanted to give that big fluffy princess vibe but NOT with tulle fabric, especially PINK tulle fabric. I hate to say that she reminds me of a loofah. So many memes have been bashing this outfit and I don’t blame anyone.

Kim Kardashian (

I like that she’s giving luxe but this looks like a bathrobe. The sleeves are too long and the shoulders are throwing me off. But, I do love her new hair!

Jane Fonda (via

Jane Fonda just looks like she’s about to fight crime.

Joy Villa (via

Now this right here is a prime example of TRYING TO LOOK LIKE CRAP. If you want to dress in construction net, be my guest. Just don’t say you thought it was high fashion or glam.



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