Best & Worst Dressed: The NAACP Image Awards 2015

It was about time another award show came on because I was itching to do another Best & Worst Dressed post. Before we get started, let me give a


She completely didn’t expect it and I think that’s the best win – when someone doesn’t expect it. I absolutely love her and it was well deserved. Check out the moment here, the audio is kind of fuzzy but sadly that’s the only video I could find.

Anyway, I also wanted to tell you guys that this posts isn’t going to be like others. I don’t have many worst dressed celebrities for this post because there weren’t many people whose outfits I disliked. So, there’s going to be definitely more best dressed celebs – sorry not sorry!

Best Dressed

Angela Bassett (via

Okay – can we just talk about how Angela Bassett is 56 and looks like she’s 30!? People talk about J.Lo not aging but she got nothing on Angela Bassett! She’s clearly a vampire who slays the red carpet. Like get serious, this beauty can’t be real f**king life!

Kerry Washington (via

I adore this gown on her. It’s simple with a dainty, feminine vibe and I love red on Kerry.

Tracee Ellis Ross (via thefashionbomb)

Hot thang! I just loved this gown on her and how it accentuated her shape. Her acceptance speech gave me. as well as many other people, life! “And we all, as women, need to continue to change our gaze from how we are seen to how we are seeing. We are full and beautiful women, and let us live in that.” AMEN!

Wendy Raquel Robinson (via

Clearly, you guys can tell by now that I love gowns that accentuate the figure. But to pull off gowns like that you have to have the BODY and clearly she got it! BAM!

Eva Pigford (via

Now I don’t know why but I really, really like this outfit on Eva. Clearly, it’s not the usual high glamour gown but I love it. She pulled it off.

Worst Dressed

Garcelle Beauvais (via

I’m personally just not about floral prints on gowns: I don’t mind them on dresses. Prints like that remind me of bad tablecloths or curtains. Besides that, I just don’t like the color scheme.

Laverne Cox (via

I wouldn’t have an issue with this dress if the middle wasn’t puffed out. Like what the hell? I think the whole gown should just be sleek. That extra fabric looks awkward.



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