Bruce Jenner’s Gender Transition


This topic has been huge for the past few weeks and I think it’s about time I wrote something about it. I planned to do it sooner but I got swept up in Super Bowl stuff. Yes, I enjoy football all season not just on Super Bowl Sunday! Anyway, let’s get back to Bruce Jenner.

I’m sure all of you know that it has been officially confirmed that Bruce is transitioning into a woman. Every one in his family took the news in their own way but Kris Jenner is said to be the one who took it the hardest. An insider stated, “She has had a lot to process. She has cried a lot about this, because it’s an emotional thing for her.” That’s completely understandable because I know she didn’t expect it. But now, everyone is on board and is fully supportive of his decision.

I personally think it’s extremely brave for Bruce to be honest with his family and even the media about his transition. Some people were stunned, but I wasn’t AT ALL. Transgender news reporter, Zoey Tur, even stated, “This is not a secret. And it’s not a secret in my community. Bruce Jenner is transitioned.” I feel bad that he had been struggling with this for YEARS and finally can live life the way he has been wanting to. He always seemed so miserable and now it’s said that he is truly happy. So, good for you Bruce!



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