How-To: Take Care of Your Curls

Hi darlings! Today I want to address natural hair…CURLY HAIR! Dove’s Love Your Curls campaign has inspired me to write a post for my fellow curly haired people out there because I don’t think we ALL realize how gorgeous curls are. I’m completely guilty of this…

Growing up, my family was a fan of straight hair but none of us have NATURALLY straight hair. We would always get it done at the salon. I was born with a full set of hair but I curls didn’t develop into the thick madness that they are now until I was about 3. However, my mother started doing child relaxer’s on me at 5 because of all the new growth had made my hair UNRULY. Naturally, I grew up liking straight hair more than my natural, curly locks. When I got into high school, I was more lax with the whole straightening phenomena but not quite. I still PREFERRED straight hair! Towards the end of college however, I finally embraced them and I think every curly haired person should #loveyourcurls! But don’t get me twisted, I do love straight hair from time to time but I think it’s time to let the curls loose more often!

Now enough about me, let’s talk tips and tricks!


You can’t possibly care for your hair properly without knowing what kind of hair you have. There are GERNERALLY 9 types of curls. Some people put those into even more subcategories, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Lucky for you, I’m going to describe them all 9 so you don’t have to waste time googling them ūüėČ


S’wavy (2A):¬†Hair like this is usually fine and easy to straighten. Your waves are a gentle “S” shape and theres no bounce. Some celebs with hair like this are Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett, and Naomi Watts.

Wavy Curly (2B): This type also has an “S” shape BUT is more resistant to styling. It also has a tendency to frizz. They curls still won’t bounce though. Some celebs with hair like this are Mila Kunis and Carrie Underwood.

Wavy Whirly (2C): These curls are definitely more thick and lean more towards curly than wavy. They will definitely frizz and be resistant to styling. A perfect example of this hair is Brittany Snow.


Curly Twirly (3A): Hair like this has a loopy “S” pattern. The curls are naturally big, loose, springy, and defined. Example¬†of this hair would be Taylor Swift and Shakira.

Curly Spirally (3B): This is my type of hair. The curls are well-defined and springy. They range in size all over the hair. I can have some corkscrew curls and some ringlet curls throughout my hair. I can definitely straighten it but it is a task. The texture can be coarse. Some celebs with this hair are Keri Russell, Bernadette Peters, and Juliana Margulies.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.40.08 PM

Curly Coily (3C): These are voluminous, tight curls but fine in texture. The circumference of the curls aren’t bigger than a straw or pencil. They can be kinky with lots and lots of strands densely packed together. It’s definitely harder to straighten. Some celebs with hair like this are Cree Summer, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Alicia Keys.


Coily Springy (4A): These are tightly coiled, “S” shaped curls. It’s fragile with lots of strands densely¬†packed together. It also has less protection from damage. The texture can be wiry or fine. Solange Knowles and Macy Gray are perfect examples of this curl.

Coily Crimpy (4B): These crimped curls have a “Z” pattern. The hair bends are sharp angles. This hair is very fragile! The hair is very tightly coiled/bent. This hair can shrink up to 75% of actual hair length. An example is¬†Lauryn Hill.

Coliy Ziggly (4C): These curls can range from fine/thin/super soft to wiry/coarse with lots of densely packed strands. The curls always clump together. There’s no definition due to the kinkiness. The hair can shrink more the 75% of length. Eryka Badu is a perfect example.

Phew! Now that you have found out what kind of curls you have, let’s move on. If those descriptions didn’t help, feel free to take a quiz online if you’re still unsure.

Moving on to tips…

CO WASH YOUR HAIR! Huh? What’s co-washing, you ask? It means ditch the shampoo. Yes, I said DITCH THE SHAMPOO. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s not for everyone. If you have some scalp issues, you can conditioner wash your hair for the most part but should also invest in a SULFATE FREE shampoo. Also, when you are co-washing, don’t use a conditioner with silicones in it. To make sure you’re STILL getting a clean scalp while co-washing, READ THE LABEL. Don’t be deceived. I personally use WEN cleansing conditioner and I swear by it! You curls will literally transform, in a good way! Co-washing is the best way to keep that hair hydrated, especially if you have coarse and thick texture. I personally wouldn’t recommend it for wavy haired people but I DO recommend using a sulfate free shampoo. You never want to strip the natural oils from your scalp. If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea, then use sulfate free shampoo.

DON’T OVERWASH YOUR HAIR!¬†Yes, there is such a thing. I have thick hair and I don’t feel the need to wash my hair more than less than 5-6 days apart. You may think that’s gross but to be honest, washing your hair every 3 days is doing your hair a disservice. You’re stripping you hair. If you have thick, curly hair there is no need to wash your hair that much because your scalp doesn’t get greasy as fast as a thin haired person. My hair doesn’t get oily usually until day 5.

DITCH THE BRUSH. ¬†I feel like this is obvious! Never brush your curls! YOU ALWAYS WANT TO COMB THEM … FROM THE BOTTOM UP! If you’re combing from the top, all you’re doing is causing breakage. Stop that right now.

CUT DOWN ON HEAT STYLING AND MANIPULATION.¬†Think about it…shampooing, towel drying, brushing, then flat iron or blow drying your hair is A LOT. I’m guilty of this. You’re doing too much to your hair. Also, you want to shirt dry instead of towel dry. Research shows that without a doubt the less stuff you do to your hair, the better! Let it be!

PRODUCT RESEARCH.¬†Don’t be fooled into thinking that since your hair is wild and free, that you needs tons of product to tame it. Lies. All you need is: (1) a great conditioner for washing or a sulfate free shampoo along with a conditioner, (2) an anti frizz product, (3) a deep conditioner, (4) a styling product or two. The best curl products hands down come from Miss Jessie’s. They have something for EVERY type of curl. Also, refrain from alcohol-based products. DevaCurl is pretty good too. Your curls are supposed to be soft NOT crunchy. Oh, and you definitely want to invest in a diffuser. It keeps your hair looking gorgeous without heat damage.

I hoped this helped! For some more curl inspiration, check out Dove’s campaign and @curlbox on Instagram!



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