Best & Worst Dressed: People’s Choice Awards 2015

Hey darlings! I know I’m a tad bit late in doing a best & worst dressed for the 2015 People’s Choice Awards. To be honest, no one’s outfit really stood out to me this year! So, this post is gonna be shorter than past best & worst dressed posts. Let’s get it started…

The winners for best beauty are ….


Portia Del Rossi: Let’s be honest, more often than not this woman’s fashion is a hit! It’s no surprise she rocked the red carpet in her electric blue Zuhair Murad jumpsuit. She and Ellen Degeneres are always a fashionable couple.

Ellen Pompeo: She was another one to nail it with her body-hugging, peach jumpsuit.

Allison Janney: Not only was she a hilarious host, but she gave me life when she served some sparkle-chic real ness on the red carpet!

Moving forward to worst dressed…..


Iggy Azalea: First off, I believe that Nicki Minaj or Jay Z should’ve won Best Hip Hop Artist! No shade against Iggy because I think she’s good at what she does but she pisses me off from time to time. Anyway, her outfit just leaves me thinking “What were you thinking girl?”

Jillian Rose Reed: I mean, seriously? Why would she do that to herself? This outfit is self explanatory as to why it shouldn’t be on the red carpet.

Anna Faris: I’ve definitely seen worse but I don’t agree with a flaired top AND skirt. You’re doing too much girl.




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