Aaliyah Inspired Makeup Tutorials

(via lipstickalley.com)

So I didn’t want to end my Aaliyah themed posts on a negative note with that dumbass movie. So let’s be more upbeat and talk makeup! Aaliyah was more of a natural makeup gal. She wasn’t the caked, glam type. Her natural beauty was always enough! However, I know a lot of people were fans of her makeup in her music videos. It just so happens that two of my favorite Youtube ladies, MsRoshPosh and ItsMyRayeRaye, have decided to film Aaliyah inspired makeup tutorials!

So if you were in loveeeeeeee with Aaliyah’s makeup in “We Need A Resolution”, peep MsRoshPosh’s makeup tutorial.

If you’re a true Aaliyah fan, you’ve definitely seen “Romeo Must Die”. ItsMyRayeRaye recreated one of her looks from the film and I think she did a damn good job. Check it out!

Enjoy! xx



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