Paper Mag wants to “Break The Internet” … so they use Kim K!


Those days of Kim Kardashian being apprehensive of how naked she is in the media are LONG GONE!  She is full frontal – baring all the booty, vagina, and boobies in PAPER magazine! I remember when she was in tears because of her naked photos on W magazine’s cover. She said, and I quote, “I feel so f**king taken advantage of. They told me I’d be covered”. Then she continuted to say, “I’m just never getting naked again!” If anyone forgot that moment, let me refresh your memory right now. Although, I’m sure many people called bullshit on her “never getting naked again” statement… I never quite expected this. The most I expected was something like her last provocative magazine shoot with GQ magazine ….

However, this PAPER Magazine cover is intense!

I’m not here to hate on Kim K. She has an amazing body and empire. However, I just don’t think this was the right move. Was this the best way to “break the internet”? No. Was it a good way to keep Kim K in the spotlight? DEFINITELY. I guess after her leaked sex tape she was trying to keep a low profile sexually. She was apprehensive about doing a Playboy photoshoot and she was clearly distraught with the outcome her nude W magazine photoshoot. However, that was years ago and now she wants to bare it all! Who knows the reason why? Maybe she wants to STILL prove that she’s got it after having a child. Maybe her husband’s BOLD attitude has taken over. Whatever the reason may be I think lately her photos are more pornographic than anything. There are ways to be sexy and risky without doing all that. Kim K has never really made me feel a bad taste in my mouth until now. I’ll admit, I think she can be overrated. But I’ve never been quite turned off until today. She has literally left NOTHING to the imagination. I mean granted, everyone has probably seen her naked by now since her sex tape but this is crazy.

But I guess at least time it’s on HER terms…

Oh and FYI, everything is photoshopped these days people :)! So don’t be fooled.



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