Hit or Miss: Blendercleanser Solid

(via Sephora.com)

Hello!! We’re just gonna jump in today because this product is AMAZING!

For all of you who have been washing your brushes with shampoo, baby products, EVOO, or antibacterial soap, STOP RIGHT NOW! I used to wash my brushes with Dawn soap mixed with some EVOO. It would take me about 20-30 minutes to wash my makeup tools because sometimes not all the gunk would be taken out of them in one shot. It was annoying but it had to be done unless I wanted a zit in the morning!

The first time I used this product on my makeup tools, I fell in love immediately! This soap works amazing and fast! I just swirl my brush in the soap then swirl it on the grid under the running water for literally 20 seconds, then VOILA! The brush is clean. There is no residue, no extra gunk, nothing! It is spotless. I used it to clean my black beauty blender and it looked as if I first bought it! I’ve never gotten a beauty blender so clean in my life! There would always be a permanent spot or something. After I used the solid cleanser, my beauty blender was pure BLACK! My brushes look and feel new! It’s only $16! So needless to say, THIS IS A HIT GO BUY IT NOW!



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