MUA Spotlight On: Madison Murrell

I know it’s late but it’s still Friday! So I’d like yo introduce you to MAC makeup artist, Madison!

Q & A

What is your favorite high-end brand?

I would have to say my favorite high end brand is MAC. I chose MAC because I have been working with that company for a year and those are the “high end” products like the back of my hand. They can be used for professional use and they are also easy for the consumer to use and enjoy.

What are 3 makeup items you couldn’t possibly live without?

Three makeup products I could not live without would be a lipstick, sheer coverage foundation, and a highlighter for my face.

What’s your favorite drugstore brand?

My favorite drugstore brand would be Wet N’ Wild. Over the years their products have improved very much and I love there lipsticks!

What type of beauty product do you buy the most of (mascaras, concealers, lipsticks etc)?

For myself, I buy a lot of lipstick. Beside lipstick I spend my money on skincare. Makeup only looks as good as whats under it, with that being said…skincare comes first always!

What is the most common makeup faux pas that you see?

The most common Faux Pas is becoming the ridiculous overly Contoured and highlighted look. I will NOT LIE! I used to do it allllllll the time!! We all grow and learn everyday so I am glad I am out of that stage! I truly believe as women the softer the makeup the better. Contour and highlight was created for drag queens in the first place, we should leave it to them.

Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?

Although I shouldn’t, I most definitely spend freely. I look at all my cosmetics as a educational tool for my business. The more you compare and contrast different products, the more you end up learning! No two products are the same, you begin to see and differeniate textures, colors, and consistencies.

What’s your favorite lipstick?

My favorite Lipstick Ruby Woo by MAC! It makes everyone stare, LOL.

Describe your everyday makeup look.

I would not consider it my “everyday makeup” so…..”everyday” I always fill my brows, always wear a pair is false lashes, foundation, and a lipstick. I think most woman opt out of the brows and lashes for everyday.

What’s your favorite mascara?

I do not have a favorite mascara unfortunately, I feel like they are equally the same. If I had to pick ONE it would have to be “They’re Real” by Benefit.

Is there any celebrity that you get your makeup inspiration from & why that celebrity?

My celebrity makeup inspiration would be Kim K and Lily Ghalichi. I like that their artist always keep the skin looking completely flawless, whether is be natural or dramatic its always glamorous and that’s what I always like my makeup to look like.

Do you have some favorite beauty gurus? If so, who?

Jaclyn Hill, she does not like to be called a “beauty guru” because she is a MUA and I totally understand and respect it. She knows exactly what she is talking about and not one ounce of information given is false, I love it! For a true guru, I like Nicole Guerriero or Carli Bybel

If you could leave the house with only ONE makeup product, which would it be?

Just oneeeeee? LOL I would pick a lipstick.

Are there any brands that you try to avoid?

I don’t ever try to avoid a brand, I can learn something from any product.

Do you usually “haul” or buy items here & there?

I do Haul items every now and then, I put the video on my Youtube channel which is

What’s your favorite skincare brand?

My favorite Skincare brand is Kate Sommerville! her line has changed my skin forever, I am been in love since the first day I started using it!

What is one beauty tool/brush that you’d recommend to anyone?

I would recommend a beauty blender, everyone needs one! it could give you sheer coverage and also a decent amount depending on what the circumstances are. Everyone needs a tool like that in their makeup bag.

What is one beauty product that you’d recommend to ANYONE & why?

I would recommend everyone MACs Lightful Cleanser, it helps to even out the pigmentation in your skin, brighten, and it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. Whether you wear a ton of makeup, or no makeup at all, every needs a fresh canvas!

If you had to give up one makeup item for the rest of your life, which would it be?

If I had to give up one makeup item for the rest of my life it would be foundation, just because I know I don’t need very much.

What is your absolute pet peeve when it comes to other people’s makeup?

I try not to have any “pet peeves” with anyone else’s makeup or judge so easily. Makeup is a form of expression and art and I do my best in seeing the beauty in every single imperfection. At the end of the night we are all just a blank canvas.

Share a beauty tip/trick/hack.. whatever you’d like to call it. Lol

An easy beauty trick- Prior to applying your lipstick, press powder on top of your lips, once the powder is on, continue to apply your lip liner and fill your entire lip in with it then apply your lipstick! This will increase the longevity of your lipstick big time!

What’s the best way for future clients to reach you?

The best way to reach me is through my email!



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