Welcome Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher!

(via Tumblr)

Congrats to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher on they newborn baby girl Wyatt! I feel like that’s a unique name for a girl. I haven’t heard of any girls with that name but definitely think it fits the couple perfectly. I feel like all these well known Hollywood hunks are having baby girls! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes also just had a baby girl. Congrats to them too!

Now where are the pictures of Wyatt?! In true Ashton Kutcher fashion, he put up a picture of his newborn daughter along with 5 other babies! He also put up a picture of a llama and a dog but we obviously know that’s a joke lol. So it’s up to us to guess which one she is…

(via aplus.com)

Personally my money is on the top left or one of the middle babies. I can see possible resemblances between Mila and Ashton in those 3 babies. Will we ever find out which one she really is? Who knows?



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