Fall Must Haves

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It’s officially Fall darlings! Time to put Summer clothes away and bask in the the chilly, sweater weather. Fall is my favorite season to shop for because I love mustard yellow, forest green, aubgergine, burgundy, gray, cream, black etc… all the typical Fall colors you can think of. I just love warm, dark colors. Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the staple items every girl should have in their closet this Fall. Let’s jump in, shall we?

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  • Cardigans – Let’s be real. If you don’t already have cardigans in your closet for the Fall, you’re doing it wrong. Every one has a cardigan! This is probably by most bought item during the Fall season! You can get knit cardigans, light cardigans, with buttons, without, etc… they’re very versatile.


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  • Jackets – This is another no-brainer. Leather jackets and varsity jackets are my thing. I’m in love with them – but don’t get jackets mixed up with coats. They are completely different. Which brings me to….


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  • Coats – Coats are warmer than jackets. I’m a peacoat girl but I plan to dabble in the robe coat trend this Fall.


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  • Boots, boots, and boots – You need at 4 types of boots in your Fall closet. Those include: over the knee boots, rain boots, combat boots, and booties. Some with heel, some without and maybe some with wedge. If you don’t want to buy 4 types of boots definitely get rain boots for obvious reasons.


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  • Sneakers – Everyone needs a minimalist sneaker. I usually go with Converse or a plain but stylish pair of Nikes. It all depends on where I’m going. You might even want to go with a nice pair of wedge sneakers.


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  • Sweaters – You can’t ever have too many of these. Let’s be serious.


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Hats –  I’m usually a panama hat chick, but sometimes beanies and snap backs are necessary. I’m more of a snap back chick during the Fall and a beanie girl during the winter.

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Flannel Shirts – Lately, I’ve been obsessing over flannel. It’s warm and it goes with pretty much anything.

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  • Boyfriend Jeans – These jeans will never be last season. They’re completely versatile! Definitely invest in a pair, or two, or three! Hahaha.


These are the top items I look for when I’m getting dressed during Fall. Some other items I like to invest in are:

  • Scarves (duh.)
  • Leggings (of course.)
  • Tunics
  • Trousers
  • Pencil skirts
  • Basic long sleeved shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Camis (for under hoodies and cardigans)



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