Hit or Miss: Duri’s Rejuvacote

(via duricosmetics.com)

Hey dolls! Welcome back to Hit or Miss Monday! Let’s talk nails.

As you know, I barely talk nails. I really never used to paint them until this year started. If I ever did get them done, I’d go to the salon and get some acrylics put on. However, when I got my Red Carpet Manicure gel set, all I wanted to do was paint these pretty little nails all the time! Problem is… gel manicures CAN make your nails week just like acrylics. The damage may not be as severe but over time your nails will get weaker and may even split. So eventually I got tired of it and wanted to strengthen these babies because they were hella messed up.

My past internship has a beauty client named Duri. They sell polishes, nail treatments, supplies, and even lipgloss. I read about Rejuvacote on the website and decided to try it out. Rejuvacote is referred to as “the nail doctor” because it heals and strengthens your nails in a matter of weeks. I began using it as a bottom coat and a top coat every time I’d do my nails. I wasn’t using gel polish, just regular polish. I can honestly say this product has SAVED my nails! My nails used to bend and break. I couldn’t even open a can of soda because it was sooooo bad. Now, my nails are strong and crack free. They don’t bend at all. Do they break? Sure, sh*t happens! But, they don’t break often! Rejuvacote is a HIT! So if you want those nails to be healthy and strong, grab a bottle. It’s $14 and that’s not bad considering how great it is!



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