MUA Spotlight On: Angie Martinez-Soto

Hey loves! It’s time to introduce you to MAC Cosmetics makeup artist and product specialist, Angie!

Angie is 22 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn Coney Island but recently relocated to the Bronx. As a product specialist, she is responsible for making sure all her fellow artists are familiar with product knowledge and all seasonal makeup trends. She also creates specific makeup looks and theme days for artists at her job to participate in as a team. It is also her job to help keep her team inspired and involved at work. She first got into makeup when she was in junior high school. She was never allowed to wear it, so she would play with her friends’ makeup at their houses. When she reached high school and became more familiar with products of her own, she began doing the makeup for her friends in their high school plays. Once she began college, her makeup skills had gotten really good. She would always do makeup on all of her friends until one day she decided to seriously pursue it. She nervously applied at MAC – her dream makeup company to work for and to her surprise they called her back! And the rest is history! She fell in love with her job. The fact that she could help women feel better about themselves with just simple makeup products while doing something she loved sealed the deal for her. Currently, she is prepping herself through MAC to get the certifications she needs to participate in Fashion Week!


What is your favorite high-end brand?

Honestly, I’m not really into any specific high end brands. I get an amazing employee discount at MAC so I mostly get my products there. I can’t justify spending a lot of money on makeup products that I can recreate with lesser priced products.

What are 3 makeup items you couldn’t possibly live without?

Oh man, that’s such a hard question! Lol I would have to say MAC’s Pro Longwear eyeshadow “Uninterrupted”. I use it religiously to contour! It’s also an amazing color to use on your eyes! Number two would have to be ELF’s Liquid liner! I’ve experimented with many liners and I find this one to be perfect! It drys quickly and the brush creates the most effortless winged liner! Third I’d have to say is MAC’s Mineralize Skin Hydrating Mist. It’s an amazing setting spray that gives you dewy, glowy skin!

What’s your favorite drugstore brand?

My favorite would have to be NYX. I know they’re not really a drug store brand, more so of a beauty supply brand, but the prices are about the same. I absolutely love how innovative they are with their products and colors!

What type of beauty product do you buy the most of (mascaras, concealers, lipsticks etc)?

Hands down, lipsticks. I love the way lipstick can transform any look. You can be completely bare face and just a lipstick can transform and speak for what mood you are in. I try and challenge myself to wear a different color everyday so I never get too comfortable any specific color – but of course I still have my favorites lol.

What is the most common makeup faux pas that you see?

Not enough blending! Blending makes such a huge difference! It can take an amaturerrr makeup look to a well-executed look by simply using better tools. If you want your makeup to look professional, you have to invest in the right tools! And the right tools aren’t always pricey! Sigma has great brushes for affordable prices!

Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?

I definitely have a beauty budget. I can’t wrap my mind around spending tons of money on expensive makeup that I can usually recreate using cheaper brands. Granted, there are some products I may be willing to spend more on, if I fall in love with it and really feel nothing else would compare.

What’s your favorite lipstick?

Question of the day! Lol such a hard choice! I love wearing all different colors, but I would have to say Fleshpot from MAC is my current favorite. I have an obsession with super nude lips. I think it’s cause I love my skin to be bronzey so the nude lips always help to bring out my skin tone!

Describe your everyday makeup look.

My everyday look is MAC’s Face and Body Foundation in C6, with MAC’s Prep+Prime highlighter in Bright Forecast to brighten up my under eye area. I set my face with MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Tan. Contour is MAC’s Uninterrupted eyeshadow. Blush is MAC’s Margin Blush. MAC’s Wisper of Guilt as my highlight. MAC’s In extra Dimension mascara with MAC’s Ample Pink plushglass! What can I say? I’m a MAC girl lol.

What’s your favorite mascara?

I never use just one mascara so I cannot answer that question! Lol I religiously use three mascaras. First I prime my lashes with MAC’s Prep+Prime Lash which helps to lengthen and add extra fibers to your lashes before you apple your regular mascara. Then I use MAC’s In Extra Dimension Mascara. The wand is amazing! Then I finish them off with Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara Curved in Blackest Black, I find that it helps to pull up my lashes even more and give them a nice curl!

Is there any celebrity that you get your makeup inspiration from & why that celebrity?

The queen of Dewy, J-Lo! There is nothing I love more than the look of healthy, fresh looking skin! No matter what J.Lo always has that glow!

Do you have some favorite beauty gurus? If so, who?

I really look up to Val Garland, one of the most acclaimed makeup artists in the makeup world. Her work stirs emotions in me and leaves me breathless. I love makeup that makes me feel something. Not just a pretty smokey eye, but something that creates a mood. Her work is really inspiring.

If you could leave the house with only ONE makeup product, which would it be?

Just one? That’s a sad day for me! LOL It would have to be MAC’s extra dimension mascara. I hate to leave the house without mascara, I feel naked and incomplete without it lol.

Are there any brands that you try to avoid?

Anything that is too overpriced lol. However I believe there is no bad makeup brand. All products can be manipulated to your liking if you are creative!

Do you usually “haul” or buy items here & there?

I normally buy items here & there. I’ve been a makeup artist for 3 years and my collection is already massive enough so I try and stay away from buying too much at a time since I don’t believe I need it. But if the product calls my name I have to scoop it up lol.

What’s your favorite skincare brand?

I religiously use MAC’s Lightful Skincare Collection. It’s a 4 step regimen, but it has made such an insane improvement on my skin! It’s evened out my skin tone, brightened and smoothed out my skin so much. I highly recommend it to people who are looking for those qualities in their face. I normally use it before I put on makeup in the morning, and after I take it off at night – daily.

What is one beauty tool/brush that you’d recommend to anyone?

Definitely MAC’s 159 Duo Fibre brush. It’s amazing for all your face products! I use it to apply liquid foundation, concealer, powders, blushes and pack on highlight!

What is one beauty product that you’d recommend to ANYONE & why?

Definitely MAC’s Natural Radiance primer. It’s great for all skin types because it controls oil while also giving moisture to keep skin smooth to give that flawless foundation look.

If you had to give up one makeup item for the rest of your life, which would it be?

That’s such a sad question! Lol Umm, I guess my eyebrow pencil – MAC’s Brunette brow pencil. With hard work and dedication I have gotten my eyebrows really full and thick! Lol I prefer to fill in sparse hairs, but if I don’t do it, it doesn’t look bad.

What is your absolute pet peeve when it comes to other people’s makeup?

I don’t really have one. I believe everyone has the creative freedom to look how they want and be who they want. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who am I to judge or knit-pick what makes someone else happy about themselves? When I do makeup on clients, I try and never make them feel bad for their makeup techniques, but help them improve on whatever they wish to be different or better in their eyes.

Share a beauty tip/trick/hack.. whatever you’d like to call it. Lol

When applying blush (for a more smooth and blended look) move your brush in circular motions from the top of the cheek downward – not from the bottom upward because you are pushing products into the pores, resulting in them looking more noticeable.

What’s the best way for future clients to reach you?

At my email – or Instagram @missangiemar



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