Fall Fashion Trend 2014

Hey, hey, hey! So I don’t about every one else but in NY, August has been more cool than usual. Even the weather man says that we’ve had below average temperatures for the month of August. That doesn’t bother me one bit because my favorite season is Fall, by far! I’m not a huge fan of BBQs, beaches, pools, etc. All I need is a peacoat, pumpkin lattes, rainy days, and cool breezes. I’m so over the summer haha. Anyway, it’s about time I talk about Fall fashion! Fall is a month away but who cares, time to get a head start!

Robe Coats

I’m most definitely ready to trade in my peacoat for a robe coat!


I’m not down for real fur because I support the animals but faux fur is perfectly fine by me 😉

The 60’s

I’m NOT a huge fan of this. Why couldn’t they do the 50’s 😦


Knits are in EVERY FALL in my mind!

Dress over Pants

Uhhhhh…. I think I can possibly work this trend! It’s pretty doable.




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