Hit or Miss: Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner

Happy Labor Day! This post was actually not supposed to happen since my laptop has been on the fritz lately but I connected it to my TV, so now I can do what I gotta do! Welcome to another review on Hit or Miss Monday!

Now, this push-up liner has had TONS and TONS of mixed reviews. Some people swear by it and some people hate it. This product is basically a gel liner in pen form! FANTASTIC, right? Nothing like this has ever existed until now. It claims to be long wearing and waterproof. It also claims to hug your lash line. I was very skeptical of this product because of so many wishy washy reviews on it. However, I took the plunge because I’m a person who struggles with getting the perfect cat eye plus my eyes are asymmetrical so it just makes me get annoyed even more. I felt that buying this product would make it 10x easier to do a winged eye because the applicator is angled and I would have more control than with a liquid pen.

Here’s the deal: I HATE THIS PRODUCT. Why? First off, it is extremely hard to work with. It’s messy, angled tip or not. You really have to play with it and I personally don’t have the patience for that. Even when I attempted to practice with it, it’s a COMPLETE B*TCH to take off. I have to go HARD on my eye with a makeup wipe. I don’t apply much either because a little goes a long way. Granted it’s waterproof and long-lasting, but seriously no one want to rub the crap out of their eyes to remove liner. Even when I do go hard on my eyes, there is still residue. Which pretty much means if you make a mistake, you’re screwed. The consistency is very thick so you can’t just glide the pen on your lash line either AND it dries very quickly. Honestly, I can do my eyeliner with a brush and gel liner pot in less time than with this product. So at the end of the day, what’s the point of it? I felt like I completely wasted $24 on something that just complicates my makeup application. Needless to say this product was a complete MISS in my book! However, if you have the patience, time, and skill to make this product work for you then be my guest 🙂



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