Best & Worst Dressed: The Emmys 2014

Another award show has graced us with it’s presence. The Emmy Awards was great this year. I’m thrilled Jessica Lange, Bryan Cranston, Uzo Aduba and Aaron Paul won this year! American Horror Story:Coven, Orange Is the New Black, and Breaking Bad are AMAZING shows. Now, on to the red carpet…

Best Dressed


Camila Alves (via Buzzfeed)

She is stunning! Clearly, Matthew McConaughey is doing the right thing 😉

Uzo Aduba (via Buzzfeed)

Red was the color trend at last night’s Emmy Awards. Uzo did the trend well!

Taylor Schilling (via Buzzfeed)

Ugh, she’s just gorgeous in this gown. It’s that simple.

Hayden Panettiere (via Buzzfeed)

She gave me life in her “mommy to be” glow!

Heidi Klum (via Buzzfeed)

I am IN LOVE with this coral gown Heidi has on!

Worst Dressed

Mayim Bialik (via Buzzfeed)

Royal blue and lace are a NO, especially in this silhouette.

Kelly Osbourne (via Buzzfeed)

This looks like a straight up curtain.

Betsy Brandt (via Buzzfeed)

I don’t know what she was thinking. This dress looks like someone just painted on the fabric.

Lena Dunham (via Buzzfeed)

I know Lena likes to be quirky but this is NOT cute.



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