Best & Worst Dressed: VMAs 2014

Last night’s VMAs was probably the best award show I’ve seen all year. I actually watched it the whole way through, but let’s talk about the FASHION!

Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez (via Buzzfeed)

Let’s be honest, when does J.lo NOT SLAY?… I’m still waiting for an answer…

Nina Dobrev (via Buzzfeed)

I literally want to steal that dress! She looks absolutely PREFECT in it. It’s probably one of my fave looks on her.

Kylie Jenner (via Tumblr)

Kylie’s style was always be my favorite style, after Kim K of course. She has grown up & it’s looking hot but classy!

Rita Ora (via

She’s giving me some modern day Marilyn Monroe.

Kim Kardashian (via eonline)

 At first, I didn’t get it. It grew on me and that plunging neckline – oof!

Worst Dressed

Taylor Swift (via Buzzfeed)

I don’t get it and I don’t want to.

Katy Perry (via usmagazine)

Can I just say I’m HIGHLY disappointed that she won Best Female Video?! Stop trying to emulate Britney Spears, Katy. It’s not working.

Chloe Grace Moretz (via Buzzfeed)

I kind of understand what she was trying to do but she’s too modest and not edgy enough for summer and for the VMAS! This combo is awful.

Charlic XCX (via sheknows)

What the hell? Come on nowwwwwww.

Let’s face it though, no one looked better than Queen Bey on stage 😉



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