New Couple Alert: Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed

R.I.P to Delena/Nian! It’s been over for quit some time between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. I can’t say I wasn’t sad but hey, life moves on! According to the media, Nina was doing her own thing and loving the single life. Supposedly, she’s been jumping from guy to guy. But this post isn’t about her, it’s about my MCE… Ian Somerhalder.

Now I post this post is a bit late. I found out about this a few weeks ago BUT I didn’t want to post anything about it until I got all the facts together. So basically, Nikki Reed (Twilight star) and Ian Somerhalder are dating! They’ve been laying on the PDA thick lately, so clearly they’re involved. I think it’s great! They look great together and I’m definitely a fan of Nikki.

However, I’m not sure Nina is taking is so well. She was posting some cryptic posts on Instagram when the news came out! She posted a picture of a poem that states, “I give / You take, / I break / You fake / PITY, / I bleed / You dive in deep / Into my blood / As thick as syrup. / Tell me are you / A mosquito?” Okay then, Nina. Also to add to the awkwardness, these 3 are all in the same circle of friends. They would even double date in the past…awkward. I’m sure she’ll get over it quickly and I’m sure this won’t affect her and Ian’s acting in The Vampire Diaries – which might I add is coming Oct 2nd!!!



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