Eva Mendes Pregnant

Hello people! Looks like another couple is on the baby track. I feel like so many couples this year are getting pregnant and I never expected it. I mean people have babies all the time but THESE couples are amazing me. For instance, I never expected Mila Kunis, Kelly Rowland, or Scarlett Johansson to be preggers! But this isn’t about them haha.. let’s talk about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling!

Whyyyyyyyyy?! Why does Ryan Gosling have to REALLY taken off the the market now. It’s just like Channing Tatum! These notoriously attractive men are out having children LOL! I’m totally kidding, obviously! Although, I did die a bit inside when I found out ha. Either way, this is a surprising Hollywood pregnancy! Ryan Gosling never gave me the “father” vibe but who the hell knows? Plus, not only is she pregnant, BUT SHE’S SEVEN MONTHS ALONG. That is some good hiding!

So many people have mixed opinions! Some think it’s great. Some think it’s shocking. Some think that it’s devastating because Ryan Gosling has always been everyone’s imaginary boyfriend. However, some are devastated because that means he’s permanently done with Rachel McAdams. I’m just shocked but they’ll definitely make an adorable baby! As far as the Rachel McAdams thing goes, The Notebook is overrated anyway haha!



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