Zendaya Drops Out of Aaliyah biopic

Hey Hey! It seems like this Aaliyah biopic has been causing some drama! It has come to my attention that Zendaya has dropped out of the Aaliyah biopic. Why? The reasons aren’t clear. However, it is known that Aaliyah’s family has expressed outrage about not being consulted about the film.

Aaliyah’s family want a major movie release about her life. Her cousin and president of Blackgroud Records, Jomo Hankerson, stated, “This needs A-list actors, A-list talent that can breathe life into what we think is a phenomenal story.” They clearly are against a small screen adaption on Lifetime. I completely agree! Aaliyah’s story needs to be a big screen movie just like Selena’s and Tina Turner’s.

Not only is the family against it but movie producers are having issues with acquiring rights to Aaliyah’s music. All these issues, plus no one to play the lead role, are ultimately going to lead into a push back of the movie’s production. I wonder if this is going to prevent Lifetime from producing the movie at all in the long run. I certainly hope that this project becomes an actual big screen movie. That’s what Aaliyah ultimately deserves.



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